iPhone Rumors – What We Think We Know in the Lead up to September

If you have any interest in the tech field then you have likely heard the buzz. It was slight, at first with just a few trickles here and there of unconfirmed information. But as we get closer to the expected September release date, model numbers, part renders and even accessories are being leaked that can all give us a pretty good idea of what to expect out of the next iPhone.

Of course, until the actual device is held up on stage by Tim Cook himself, all of this is just rumours and chatting. Still, it doesn’t hurt to entertain the mind. From all of the leaks and talks online, below is our top list of what we think the new iPhone is going to include.

A Removed Home Button

But Samsung have already done that with the Galaxy S8. Why wouldn’t Apple do it, too? While Samsung moved the fingerprint reader to the back of the phone, Apple is expected to remove it entirely. Rumour has it that the screen itself will include fingerprint scanning and pressure sensitivity technology built right in! As you can imagine, this would make much more room for a bezel-less design.

The Bezelless Design

Speaking of which, let’s talk about the overall design. With the home button removed, consumers can expect a screen that takes up as much as 90% of the front real estate. While the goal is obviously 100% coverage, the requirement to host a camera, earpiece, and a bevy of sensors prevents this from occurring currently.


The screen has been mentioned twice now, and this is the part where we talk about screen rumors. Traditionally, Apple has only used LCD displays in their iPhone range. Presumably for their power-sipping prowess. However, this comes at a cost; limited brightness and color reproduction. For the next model iPhone, Apple is expected to (finally) make the shift from LCD to AMOLED displays. As you can imagine, this will give the display a richer look, which is something that the designers at Apple could really use.


Continuing with designers, the iOS is also expected to get a refresh. Given that AMOLED has the one downside of using more battery life, rumor has it that iOS itself will get a change of color and tone, with a design more geared towards reducing power usage when the screen is turned on and active. While this won’t disturb how your pictures look or prevent you from browsing through the Groupon Coupons page for Office Depot, navigating the menus will look different, as will any overlay and pop up action bars that are used within apps and iOS itself.

Overall Design

With the major rumors taken care of above, the final one comes in the form of aesthetics. After using the same design for a number of years now, the next iPhone is expected to launch with a complete body redesign incorporating glass front and back sandwiched around a thin strip of metal and antenna bands.

With so many rumors and supposed leaks flying around social media and chat forums, it is hard to decipher what is real and what is simply the ideas that people want the next phone to include. Whatever it looks like and has inside powering it, one thing is true…everybody will just have to wait to find out!

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